John Sitt

JOHN "Sensei" SITT - Partner/Personal Trainer

Since 1999 John has successfully trained and treated clients ranging in the ages of 8 to 88. Athletes, housewives, students, businessmen, etc. have been thoroughly satisfied with John's style of effectively transforming every client to meet or exceed their goals and expectations. John likes to design workouts that focus on balance, agility, flexibility, power, and anaerobic conditioning.

John has served as a Director of Personal Training, Director of  Fitness, Director of Aquatics, Corp Fitness Specialist, Club Manager, and professional MMA fight trainer and manager, at a variety of athletic clubs and fitness centers throughout Chicagoland and Wisconsin.

John has also successfully applied post-rehabilitation and physical therapy/fitness principles to sports injuries and accident disabilities.
He is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Performance Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Therapist, Certified Spinning Instructor, Certified Pilates Mat Level 1 and Certified and ranked Kickboxing and MMA Instructor.
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