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Each athlete is assessed on strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:
- Movement Skills (acceleration, agility, stability)
- Power and Strength
- Conditioning Level
- Sports-Specific Skills

From this assessment we create an individualized training program to optimize the results for each athlete.


Athletic Republic trainers are well-educated, certified and passionate about helping athletes. We work hard for our athletes to reach their goals. We strive to create a positive and fun environment where our athletes feel comfortable and confident about pushing themselves to improve. We create the optimal teaching environment in which you can hear, see and feel your improvements.


Athletic Republic has a systematic progression of training programs to meet the demands of all sports. Our program will improve linear speed, explosive power, lateral speed and change of direction quickness. We will give you a quicker first step and higher vertical elevation to take to the field or court.

In 6 weeks our training program will help you:

- Decrease 0.1 seconds in a 10 yard dash
- Decrease 0.2 seconds in a 40 yard dash
- Increase Vertical Jump height by 2-4 inches
- Increase Leg Strength by 20%
- Increase Foot Speed by 33%
- Decrease Recovery time by 50%

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